NEET Botany Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production Questions Solved


(i) Name the tropical sugarcane variety grown in South India. How has it helped in improving the sugarcane quality grown in North India?

(ii) Identify 'a' 'b' and 'c' in the following table:

     No                        Crop                                Variety                            Insect Pests

     1.                       Brassica                             Pusa Gaurav                          (a)

     2.                      Flat bean                            Pusa Sem 2                          (b)                                                                                                   Pusa Sem 3                                           

     3.                        (c)                                    Pusa sawani                  Shoot and fruit borer                                                                                Pusa A-4                                                

(i) Saccharum officinarum is grown in South India. North Indian variety  Saccharum barberi was poor in sugar content and yield. South Indian variety has thicker stem and higher sugar content but did not grow well in North India. These two were then crossed to get sugarcane varieties with desirable qualities of high yield, thick stems, high sugar and ability to grow in the sugarcane areas of North India.

(ii) (a) Aphid           (b) Jassids/Aphids/fruit borer               (c) Okra (Bhindi)

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