NEET Botany Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production Questions Solved


Why is biofortification considered as athe most practical means to improve public health?

Explain taking three examples.

Biofortification or breeding crops with higher levels of vitamin and minerals, or 

higher protein and healthier fats is the most practical means to improve public

health. Improved nutritional quality is undertaken with the aim of improving protein

content and quality, oil content, vitamin content, micronutrient and mineral nutrient

and mineral content.

Example: 1. In 2000, maize hybrids that had twice the amount of the amino acids, lysine

and trytophan compared to existing maize hybrids were developed.

2. Wheat variety Atlas 66, having protein content has been used as a donor for improving

cultivated wheat.

3. It has been possible to develop an iron-fortified rice variety containing over five times

as much iron as in commonly consumed varieties.

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