The three elements X, Y and Z with electronic configuration shown below all form hydrides :

            Element                                     Electronic configuration      X                                                  1s22s22p2      Y                                                  1s22s22p63s1       Z                                                   1s22s22p63s23p63d104s24p5

Which set of properties match correctly with properties of the hydrides of these elements :

     Hydride of X                                      Hydride of Y                                   Hydride of Z

(a) Colourless gas insoluble in        Silver/grey solid reacts with H2O      Colourless gas forms a strong

        H2O                                        to form an alkali                                 acid in H2O

(b) Colourless liquid, no reaction    Silver/grey solid forms H2 and          Ionic solid with formula ZH

        with H2O                                  H2O                                

(c) Non-polar compound reacts       Silver/grey ionic solid with               Forms when water is added

     with Cl2 in light                            formula YH2                                 to phosphorus and element Z

(d) Colourless gas which burns        Silver/grey solid which reacts           Colourless, corrosive liquid

          with air                                     violently with acids                             at STP

(a)     X=CH4, Y=NaH, Z=HBr

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