NEET Chemistry The p-Block Elements (XII) Questions Solved

Consider the oxy acids HCIOn series, here value of n is 1 to 4. Then incorrect statement regarding these oxy acids is :

(a) Acidic character of oxy acids increases with increasing value of n.

(b) oxidising power of oxy acids increases with decreasing value of n.

(c) Thermal stability of oxy acids decreases with increasing value of n.

(d) 'CO' bond order decreases with decreasing value of n  


     Acidic character : HOCl<HClO2<HCIO3<HClO4Oxidising power : HOCl>HClO2>HCIO3>HClO4Thermal stability : HOCl<HClO2<HCIO3<HClO4'ClO' bond order : HOCl<HClO2<HCIO3<HClO4

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