NEET Chemistry The p-Block Elements (XII) Questions Solved

One gas bleaches the colour of flowers by reduction, while the other oxidation, the two gases respectively are :

(a) CO and Cl2                             (b) H2S and Br2

(c) NH3 and SO3                           (d) SO2 and Cl2

(d)   Aqueous solution of SO2 acts as a reducing agent 

          SO2+2H2OH2SO4+2Hnascent hydrogen

       Thus, SO2 in presence of moisture is used as bleaching agent. This is due

        to the reducing nature of SO2

        For delicate articles

                                    Coloured matter + H  Colourless matter

         Similarly, Cl2 acts as bleaching agent in presence of moisture

                                                         Cl2+H2O  2HCl+OColoured matter +O  Colourless matter

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