NEET Questions Solved

6.02x1020 molecules of urea are present in 100mL of its solution. The concentration of solution is 

(a) 0.02M

(b) 0.01M

(c) 0.001M

(d) 0.1M

(b) Given, number of molecules of urea= 6.02x1020 

Number of moles = 6.02x1020 /NA

=6.02x1020 /6.02x1023 =1x10-3 mol

Volume of the solution = 100mL = 100/1000L =0.1L

Concentration of urea solution (in mol L-1)

=1x10-3 /0.1 mol L-1

=1x10-2 mol L-1

=0.01 mol L-1


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