NEET Botany Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production Questions Solved


Mention and describe any three methods to overcome inbreeding depression in animal husbandry.    (3 marks)

Methods to overcome inbreeding depression in animal husbandry :

(i) Out-breeding : It is the breeding of the unrelated animals which may be between individuals of

    the same breed (but having no common ancestor) or between different breeds (cross-breeding) 

    or different species (inter-specific hybridisation).

(ii) Out-crossing : Mating of animals of the same breed but having no common ancestors on either

     side of their progeny upto 4-6 generations. A single outcross helps to overcome inbreeding


(iii) Cross-breeding : In this method, superior males of one breed are mated with the superior

      females of another breed. It allows combining the desirable qualities of the two different

      breeds into the progeny. The hybrid progeny may be directly used for commercial production

      or they may be subjected to some form of inbreeding and selection to develop new stable       

      breeds. e.g. Hisardale, a new breed of sheep developed by crossing Bikaneri ewes and Merino


Difficulty Level:

  • 84%
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