NEET Botany Biodiversity and Conservation Questions Solved


(a) Taking one example each of habitat loss and fragmentation, explain how are the

two responsible for biodiversity loss.

(b) Explain two different ways of biodiversity conservation.

(a) (i) Habitat Loss: The Amazon rain-forest is being cut and cleared for cultivation of 

soyabeans and for conversion into grasslands for raising beef cattle.

(ii) Fragmentation: When large-sized habitats are broken or fragmented due to human 

settlements, building of roads, digging of canals etc., the population of animals requiring large territories

and some animals with migratory habitats decline. Such as mammals and birds.

(b) The scientific management and preservation of flora and fauna in its natural

form is called biodiversity conservation. There are two types of biodiversity 

conservation strategies. These are:

In-situ conservation, i.e., protecting the species in their natural habitat, e.g.,

national parks.

Ex-situ conservation, e.g., protecting the species in an artificially created

habitat away from its natural habitat, e.g., botanical garden and zoological parks.

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