NEET Botany Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production Questions Solved


(a)What is the programme called that is involved in improving success rate of the

production of desired hybrid and herd size of cattle?

(b) Explain the method used for carrying this programme for cows.

(a) MOET- It stands for Multiple Ovulation Embryo Transfer.

(b) 1. In this technology, cattles are administered with follicle stimulating hormones

(FSH) like activity to induce follicular maturation and super ovulation. Therefore 

instead of one egg, they produce 6-8 eggs per cycle.

2. The animal is either mated with an elite bull or artificially inseminated.

3. The fertilized eggs at the 8-32 celled stages are recovered non-surgically 

and transferred to surrogate mothers.

4. The genetic mother is available for another around round of super ovulation.

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