NEET Zoology Biotechnology Principles and Processes Questions Solved


(a) A recombinant vector with a gene of interest inserted within the gene of α-galactosidase

enzyme, is introduced into a bacterium. Explain the method that would help in selection of

recombinant colonies from non-recombinant ones.

(b) Why is this method of selection referred to as ''insertional inactivation"?

(a) Chromogenic substrate is used to identify recombinants and non-recombinants. Blue 

coloured colonies of bacteria show no recombination and colonies with no blue colour 

show presence of recombinants.

(b) In this a recombinant DNA is inserted within the coding sequence of an enzyme,

β-galactosidase. This results into inactivation of the enzyme which is referred to as

insertional inactivations.

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