NEET Botany Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production Questions Solved


How can crop varieties be made disease-resistant to overcome food crisis in India? Explain.

Name one disease-resistant variety in India of:                                                        (a) Wheat to leaf and stripe rust

          (b) Brassica to white rust

1. Breeding is carried out by the conventional breeding techniques or by mutation breeding. The conventional method of breeding for disease resistance is that of hybridisation and selection.

2. Steps of Plant Breeding for disease resistance: screening germplasm for resistance sources , hybridisation of selected parents , selection and evaluation of the hybrid , tetsing and release of new varieties.

3. Inducing mutations in plants and then screening the plant materials for resistance sometimes leads to desirable genes being identified. Plants are then multiplied directly or can be used in breeding.

4. Other breeding methods are somaclonal variants and genetic engineering.

Disease resistant variety in India of:

(a) Wheat to leaf and stripe rustHimgiri

(b) Brassica to white rust Pusa Swarnium

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