NEET Zoology Biotechnology Principles and Processes Questions Solved


(a) Identify A and B illustrations in the following:

(b) Write the term given to A and C and why?

(c) Expand PCR. Mention its importance in biotechnology.

(a)   (i) A is AATTCPalindromic nucleotide sequence recognised by restriction endonuclease.

       (ii) B is Pvu IIOrigin of replication

(b) A is coding strand  

C is Template strand

Palindromic nucleotide sequence is depicted from A and C because it is a sequence of base pairs that reads same on the two strands when orientation of reading is kept the same.

(c) PCR stands for Polymerase Chain Reaction

PCR is used to amplify DNA segments to a large number within a short span of time.

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