NEET Zoology Biotechnology Principles and Processes Questions Solved


(i) Name the organism in which the vector shown is inserted to get the copies of 

the desired gene.

(ii) Mention the area labelled in the vector responsible for controlling the copy 

number of the inserted gene.

(iii) Name and explain the role of a selectable marker in the vector shown.

(i) Escherichia Coli.

(ii) Ori

(iii) (a) The genes encoding resistance to antibiotics such as ampicillin (ampR), tetracycline

 are used as selectable markers.

(b) Selectable markers helps in identifying and eliminating non-transformants and selectively

permitting the growth of the transformants.

(c) With the help of restriction enzyme cut BamH I i.e. the site of  pBR322, they ligate 

a foreign DNA in the vector. The recombinant plasmids will lose tetracycline resistance 

due to insertion of foreign DNA but can still be selected out from non-recombinants on 

ampicillin containing medium. The transformants growing on ampicillin containing medium 

are then transferred on a medium containg tetracycline. The recombinants will grow in 

ampicillin containing medium but not in tetracycline medium. Non recombinants will grow on 

medium containing both the antibiotics.

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