NEET Botany Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production Questions Solved


(i) Mention the property that enables the explants to regenerate into a new plant.

(ii) A banana herb is virus infected. Describe the method that will help in obtaining

healthy banana plants from this diseased plant.

(i) Totipotency is the ability of a cell to grow or generate the whole plant.

(ii) Healthy banana plants can be obtained from diseased plants by meristem

culture. Although the plant is virus infected, the apical and axillary meristem is free of virus.

The meristem is removed from the plant and grown in vitro by micro propagation.

The plants produced are virus free. Large no. of plants are produced in a very short 

duration. The plants are genetically identical known as somaclones. Nutrient medium

rich in sucrose, inorganic salts, vitamins, amino acids and growth regulators like

auxins, cytokinins etc. is provided. The plants produced are virus free.

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