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A son persuades his father to replace his old mobile phone with the latest model launched in the market. He also shares the latest features it has and explains how it can be of help to him in the modern technological world. Father is reluctant in buying a new one and tries to explain about its environmental impact. How do you think, the biologist father would try to convince his son? Justify the arguments of father and son both , by mentioning positive aspects of the behaviour displayed by both of them in the situation concerned (three each).


The father is reluctant to buy a new mobile phone as he feels it will lead to the generation of e-waste.

The biologist father may have convinced his son by highlighting the following factors related to the generation of e-waste :

(i) e-waste is generally difficult to recylce.

(ii) Hazardous nature of recycling of e-waste.

(iii) Recycling involves manual participation thus exposing workers to toxic substances present in e-waste.

Postive aspects of the son's behaviour: Son's wish to update his father with modern techniques son's awareness about trends and technologies ; son is well versed with their applicability in daily life.

Positive aspects of the father's behaviour: Father's concern for environment , his scientific thinking , inquisitive nature, social awareness , judicious use of money and sense of reponsibility.