What is meant by crystal field splitting energy? On the basis of crystal field theory, write the electronic configuration of d4 in terms of t2g and eg in an octahedral field when

(i) Δ > P             (ii) Δ < P    

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Crystal field splitting energy : When ligands approach the central metal ion, he degenerte d- orbitals split into two sets, one with the lower energy (t2g ) and the other with the higher energy (eg). The difference of energy between these two sets of oritals is called crystal field splitting energy. ( Δ for octahedral complexes).

The magnitude of  Δ decides the actual configuration of d- orbitals by the help of mean pairing energy.

If P > Δ  then pairing of electrons does not occur and electrons enter in the higher energy eg orbitals and thus form high spin complexes due to weak field ligands.

 If P < Δ  then pairing of electrons occurs within the same set and form low spin complexes due to strong field ligands.

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