NEET Chemistry The p-Block Elements (XII) Questions Solved


(a) Write the balanced chemical equations for obtaining XeO3 and XeOF4 from XeF6.

(b) Account for the following :

(i) H2S is less acidic than H2Te.

(ii)H3PO2 has reducing nature.

(iii) SO2 is an air pollutant.  

(a) XeF6+3H2OXeO3+6HF


(b) (i) In the group with increase in size of the element and increased bond distance, the bond dissociation energy decreases, therefore H-S bond dissociation energy is higher than H-Te and hence H-S bond breaks less easily than H-Te bond and H2S is a weaker acid than H2Te.

(ii) Because it contains two P-H bonds and thus reduces AgNO3 to metallic silver 


(iii) SO2 is a pungent and irritating gas. It acts as an air pollutant due to the following reasons :

1) It causes throat and eye irritation as it is absorbed readily by respiratory tract.

2) It combines with moisture forming sulphurous acid. It is then converted into H2SO4. Both these acids cause acid rain and destroy the marble, corrode metals, deteriorate fabrics, paper, leather etc. 

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