NEET Chemistry The p-Block Elements (XII) Questions Solved


(a) Draw the structures of the following molecules :

(i) N2O5                             (ii) HCIO4

(b) Explain the following observations :

(i) H2S is more acidic than H2O.

(ii) Fluorine does not exhibit any positive oxidation state.

(iii) Helium forms no real chemical compound.

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(a) (i) N2O5 :


(ii) HCIO4 :

(b) (i) H2S is more acidic than H2O because bond dissociation enthalpy of H-S bond in H2S is less than that of H-O bond in H2O.

(ii) F is the most electronegative element. It has no d-orbitals and therefore, there is no scope for any electron promotion. So it can only show oxidation state of -1 in its compounds. 

(iii) Helium has very high ionisation enthalpy and no vacant d-orbitals, therefore no chemical compound of helium is known.

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