NEET Chemistry The p-Block Elements (XII) Questions Solved


(a) Draw the molecular structures of the following compounds :

(i) N2O5                             (ii) XeOF4

(b) Explain the following observations :

(i) Sulphur has a greater tendency for catenation than oxygen.

(ii) ICI is more reactive than I2.

(iii) Despite lower value of its electron gain enthalpy with negative sign, fluorine F2 is a stronger oxidising agent than Cl2.

(a) (i) N2O5


(ii) XeOF4

Shape : Square pyramidal

(b) (i) It is because S-S bond is stronger than O-O bonds as there is more interelectronic repulsion in O-O due to small size than in S-S.

(ii) ICI is more reactive than I2 because I-Cl bond is polar and weaker while I-I bond is stronger and non-polar.

(iii) It is due to (a) low enthalpy of dissociation of F-F bond, (b) high hydration enthalpy of F.

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