NEET Chemistry The p-Block Elements (XII) Questions Solved


(a) Complete the following chemical equations 

(i) XeF4+SbF5

(ii) Cl2+F2excess

(b) Explain each of the following :

(i) Nitrogen is much less reactive than phosphorus.

(ii) The stability of +5 oxidation state decreases down group 15.

(iii) The bond angles (O-N-O) are not of the same value in NO2- and NO2+.

(a) (i) XeF4+SbF5XeF3+SbF6-

(ii) Cl2+3F2excess2ClF3

(b) (i) Due to presence of triple bond between two nitrogen atoms/high bond dissociation enthalpy of nitrogen, whereas in phosphorus molecule there is single bond between four atoms of phosphorus so have low bond dissociation enthalpy.

(ii) Because the participation of outer s-electron pair goes on decreasing down the group due to inert pair effect.

(iii) because NO2- has sp2 hybridisation whereas NO2+ has sp hybridisation.

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