NEET Chemistry The p-Block Elements (XII) Questions Solved


(a) Complete the following chemical reaction equations :

(i) P4+SO2Cl2

(ii) XeF6+H2O

(b) Predict the shape and the asked angle (90° or more or less) in each of the following cases:

(i) SO32- and the angle O-S-O

(ii) CIF3 and the angle F-Cl-F

(iii) XeF2 and the angle F-Xe-F


(a) (i) P4+10SO2Cl24PCl5+10SO2

or P4+8SO2Cl24PCl3+4SO2+2S2Cl2

(ii) XeF6+H2OXeOF4+2HF

or XeF6+2H2OXeO2F2+4HF

or XeF6+3H2OXeO3+6HF

(b) (i) SO32- :

Shape : Pyramidal 

Angle : The angle O-S-O is greater than 90° 

(ii) CIF3 :

Shape : Bent T-shaped

Angle : The angle F-Cl-F is lesser than 90°

(iii) XeF2 : Structure :

Angle : F-Xe-F>90°


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