NEET Chemistry The p-Block Elements (XII) Questions Solved


(a) Draw the structures of the following :

(i) XeF4                                                 (ii) H2S2O7

(b) Explain the following observations :

(i) Phosphorus has a greater tendency for catenation than nitrogen.

(ii) The negative value of electron gain enthalpy is less for fluorine than that for chlorine.

(iii) Hydrogen fluoride has a much higher boiling point than hydrogen chloride.

(a) (i) XeF4 :

Shape : Square planar

(ii) H2S2O7 :

(b) (i) The bond strength of P-P is more than N-N, therefore phosphorus shows more tendency for catenation than nitrogen.

(ii) Because of small size of flourine atom and strong electron-electron repulsions in its compact 2p orbitals.

(iii) Hydrogen fluoride (HF) has higher boiling point than HCl due to extensive intermolecular hydrogen bonding while HCl doesn't show this H-bonding.

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