(a) Draw the structures of the following :

(i) N2O5                               (ii) XeOF4

(b) Explain the following observations :

(i) The electron gain enthalpy of sulphur atom has a greater negative value than that of oxygen atom.

(ii) Nitrogen does not form pentahalides.

(iii) In aqueous solutions HI is a stronger acid than HCl.

(a) (i) N2O5

(ii) XeOF4

Shape : Square pyramidal

(b) (i) Because enthalpy of dissociation of S-S bond is higher than O-O bond and the hydration energy of S2- is less than that of O2- ion.

(ii) Due to absence of empty d-orbitals, N2 does not form pentahalides.

(iii) Due to lower bond dissociation energy and higher degree of ionization, HI acts as stronger acid than HCl in aqueous solution.


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