NEET Chemistry The p-Block Elements (XII) Questions Solved


(a) Draw the structures of the following :

(i) H3PO2                                                          (ii) BrF3

(b) How would you account for the following observations :

(i) Phosphorus has a greater tendency for catenation than nitrogen.

(ii) Bond dissociation energy of fluorine is less than that of chlorine.

(iii) No chemical compound of helium is known.

(a)  (i) H3PO2 (Hypophosphorous acid)

(ii) BrF3 (SP3d hybridization)

Shape : Bent T-shape

(b) (i) The bond strength of P-P is more than N-N, therefore phosphorus shows more tendency for catenation than nitrogen.

(ii) Due to smaller size of F than Cl as a result of which electron-electron repulsions between the lone pairs of electrons are very large than that of Cl, hence bond dissociation energy of F2 is less than that of Cl2.

(iii) Because the ionization energy of Helium is very high and the empty d-orbitals are also absent in it.

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