NEET Chemistry The p-Block Elements (XII) Questions Solved


(a) Draw the structures of the following :

(i) H2S2O7                                     (ii) HClO3

(b) Explain the following observations :

(i) In the structure of HNO3, the N-O bond (121 pm) is shorter than the N-OH bond (140 pm).

(ii) All the P-Cl bonds in PCl5 are not equivalent.

(iii) ICI is more reactive than I2.

(a) (i) H2S2O7 (Pyrosulphuric acid) or oleum :

(ii) HClO3Chloric acid :

(b) (i) The N-O bond has partial double bond character while the N-OH bond is a single bond in both resonance of HNO3.

(ii) All the P-Cl bonds in PCl5 are not equivalent due to the fact that the axial bond pairs suffer more repulsion as compared to equatorial bond pairs.

(iii) Because ICI bond is weaker than I-I bond as a result of which ICI breaks easily to form halogen atoms which readily bring about the reaction, hence more reactive.

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