NEET Chemistry The p-Block Elements (XII) Questions Solved


Give reasons for the following:

(i) CH33P=O exists but CH33N=O does not.

(ii) Oxygen has less electron gain enthalpy with negative sign than sulphur.

(iii) H3PO2 is a stronger reducing agent than H3PO3.

(i) CH33P=O exists due to presence of empty d-orbitals and thus can expand its covalency upto 6 but CH33N=O cannot expand its covalency due to absence of d-orbitals.

(ii) The least negative electron gains enthalpy of oxygen is due to small size and more interelectronic repulsion with coming electron.

(iii) H3PO2 contains two P-H bonds while H3PO3 contains only one P-H bond therefore H3PO2 is a stronger reducing agent.

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