NEET Chemistry The p-Block Elements (XII) Questions Solved


Account for the following:

(i) PCl5 is more covalent than PCl3.

(ii) Iron on reaction with HCl forms FeCl2 and not FeCl3.

(iii) The two O-O bond lengths in the ozone molecule are equal.

(i) In PCl5, phosphorus has +5 oxidation state and has less tendency to loose electrons than in +3 of PCl3. Therefore, PCl5 has more tendency to share e-1s than PCl3.

(ii) Because HCl on reaction with iron liberates H2 gas which prevents the formation of ferric chloride.

(iii) Due to resonance the two oxygen atoms have partial double bond character and thus have same bond length i.e. 128 pm

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