NEET Chemistry The p-Block Elements (XII) Questions Solved


Explain the following situations :

(i) In the structure of HNO3 molecule, the N-O bond (121 pm) is shorter than N-Oh bond (140 pm).

(ii) SF4 is easily hydrolysed whereas SF6 is not easily hydrolysed.

(iii) XeF2 has a straight linear structure and not a bent angular structure.

(i)  In the structure the bond length of N-O is shorter due to formation of coordinate bond and double bond while in N-OH the bond is single covalent due to which its bond length is greater than other N-O bond.

(ii) In SF4, due to less steric hindrance by four F atoms, H2O molecules can attack easily while in SF6 the S atom is completely protected by six F atoms and does not allow H2O molecules to attack the S atom.

(iii) In XeF2 there are 2 bond pairs and 3 lone pairs and thus show sp3d hybridization. It has linear geometry.

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