NEET Chemistry Surface Chemistry Questions Solved


(a) How can we get the following colloidal solutions:

(i) Silver in water

(ii) Fe(OH)3 in water

(b) List two applications of adsorption.

(a) (i) Silver in water: Colloidal sol of Ag in water (Reduction with dil Sn(Cl)2


(ii) Fe(OH)3 in water: (By boiling with their chlorides):


(b) Applications of adsorption:

(i) All gas purifier devices contain suitable adsorbent so that poisonous

gases present in the atmosphere are adsorbed and the air for

breathing is purified.

(ii) Sugar is decolourized by treating sugar solution with charcoal

powder which adsorbs the undesirable colours present.

Difficulty Level:

  • 77%
  • 8%