NEET Chemistry Surface Chemistry Questions Solved


Define the following terms giving an example of each:

(i) Associated colloids 

(ii) Lyophilic sol

(iii) Adsorption

(i) Associated colloids:

1. They are formed by aggregation of a large number of ions in concentrated

solution Example: soap sol

2. Their molecular masses are generally high.

3. Higher is the concentration, greater are the Vander Waal's forces.

(ii) Lyophilic sol: Liquid loving colloids in which there is affinity between

disperse phase and dispersion medium.

Example: Starch sol, Gum sol, Gelatin sol

(iii) Adsorption: The process of attracting and retaining the molecule

of a substance on the surface of a liquid or a solid resulting into higher

concentration of the molecules on the surface is called adsorption.

Difficulty Level:

  • 91%
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