NEET Chemistry Surface Chemistry Questions Solved


What are the characteristics of the following colloids? Give one example 

of each.

(i) Multimolecular colloids

(ii) Lyophobic sols 

(iii) Emulsions

(i) Multimolecular colloids:

1. They are formed by the aggregation of a large number of atoms

or molecules which generally have diameter less than 1 nm,

Example: sols of gold, sulphur etc.

2. Their molecular masses are not very high.

3. Their atoms or molecules are held together by weak Van der Waal's forces.

(ii) Lyophobic sols: Liquid hating colloids in which their is no affinity between 

disperse phase and dispersion medium.

Example: As2S3 sol. Fe(OH)3 sol.

(iii) Emulsions: The colloidal solution in which both dispersed phase and dispersion

medium are in liquid state.

Example: Milk, Cream.

Difficulty Level:

  • 88%
  • 7%
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