NEET Chemistry Surface Chemistry Questions Solved


Classify colloids where the dispersion medium is water, State their characteristics

and write an example of each of these classes.

Colloids are classified into two types in the cases where dispersion 

medium in water. They are:

(i) Hydrophilic or Lyophilic colloids: Those substances, which when mixed with 

the dispersion medium, form directly the colloidal solution and are termed as

hydrophilic colloids. They are reversible solutions, quite stable and cannot be

easily precipitated.

Example: gum, gelatine, starch, rubber etc.

(ii) Hydrophobic or Lyophobic colloids: Those substances which do not form

colloidal solution when simply mixed with the dispersion medium, are called

hydrophobic colloids. They are irreversible solutions, unstable and can be

easily precipitated.

Example: Metals and their sulphides

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