NEET Chemistry Surface Chemistry Questions Solved


What is the difference between multimolecular and macromolecular colloids?

Give one example of each. How are associated colloids different from these

two types of colloids?

       Multimolecular                          Macromolecular                            Associated

         colloids                                        colloids                                     colloids

(i) They are formed by the        They are molecules of large            They are formed by aggre-

aggregation of a large              size e.g. polymers like rubber,         gation of a large number of

number of atoms or molecu      nylon, starch, proteins etc.             ions in concentrated solution

les which generally have                                                               e.g. soap sol.

diameter less than 1 mm,

e.g. sols of gold, sulphur


(ii) Their molecular masses        They have high molecular              Their molecular masses are 

are not very high.                          masses.                                   generally high.

(iii) Their atoms or molecu-        Due to long chain, the Van             Higher is the concentration,

les are held together by weak      der Waals forces holding               greater are the Van der Waals

Van der Waals forces.                 them are comparatively                 forces.


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