NEET Chemistry Chemical Kinetics Questions Solved


(a) What is the physical significance of energy of activation? Explain with diagram.

(b) In general, it is observed that the rate of a chemical reaction doubles with every 10 degree rise in temperature. If the generalization holds good for the reaction in the temperature range of 295 K to 305 K, what would be the value of activation energy for this reaction?

[R = 8.314 J mol-1  K-1 ]

(a) The minimum extra amount of energy absorbed by the reactant molecules so that their energy becomes equal to threshold value is called activation energy. Less is the activation energy, faster is the reaction or greater is the activation energy, slower is the reaction.

(b) Since,  logK2K1=Ea2.303R=T2-T1T1T2log 2 =Ea2.303× 8.314=305-295305×2950.3010 =Ea2.303× 8.314=10305×295Ea = 0.3010×2.303×8.314×305×29510 Ea = 51855.19 J/mol = 51.86 kJ/mol

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