NEET Chemistry Chemistry in Everyday Life Questions Solved


 (i) What are disinfectants ? Give an example.                  (3 marks)

 (ii) Give two examples of macromolecules that are chosen as drug targets.

(iii) What are anionic detergents ? Give an example.

 (i) Disinfectants : Disinfectants are chemical compounds which kill microorganisms but are not

     safe when applied on living organisms.

     Example : Phenol, chlorine.


 (ii) Macromolecules used as drug targets are carbohydrates, proteins, nucleic acid and lipids.


(iii) Anionic detergents : Those detergents in which large part of their molecules are anions and

      used in cleansing action, are called anionic detergents.

      Example : Sodium alkyl sulphates

      These are obtained from long straight chain alcohols containing 12-18 carbon atoms by

      treatment with conc. H2SO4 followed by neutralization with NaOH.

      Example : Sodium lauryl sulphate.

             C11H23        CH2OHLauryl alcohol H2SO4Conc. C11H23CH2OSO3HLauryl hydrogen sulphate NaOHC11H23CH2O SO3-Na+Sod. lauryl sulphate

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