NEET Chemistry Chemistry in Everyday Life Questions Solved


Explain the following and give one example for each :                      (3 marks)

 (i) Broad spectrum antibiotics

 (ii) Antipyretics

(iii) Anti-oxidants

 (i) Broad spectrum antibiotics : Antibiotics which kill or inhibit a wide range of Gram-positive

      and Gram-negative bacteria are called broad spectrum antibiotics.

      Example : Chloro-amphical.


 (ii) Antipyretics : Chemicals, which are used to bring down the body temperature during high

      fever, are called antipyretics

      Example : Paracetamol, Aspirin etc.


(iii) Anti-oxidants : Those molecules, which inhibit the oxidation of other molecules, are called


      Example : Thiols, Ascorbic acid etc.

Difficulty Level:

  • 90%
  • 3%
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