NEET Chemistry Chemistry in Everyday Life Questions Solved


Explain the following types of substances with one suitable example, for each case :   (3 marks)

 (i) Cationic detergents.

 (ii) Food preservatives.

(iii) Analgesics.

 (i) Cationic detergents : They are quaternary ammonium salts of amines with acetates,

      chlorides or bromides as anions and the cationic part possess a long hydrocarbon chain, and a

      positive charge on nitrogen atom. Therefore they are called cationic detergents.

      Example :  Cetyltrimethyl ammonium bromide



 (ii) Food Preservatives : They are used to prevent spoilage of food due to microbial growth.

      Example : Table salt, vegetable oils, sodium benzoate etc.


(iii) Analgesics : Analgesics reduce or abolish pain without causing impairment of consciousness,

      mental confusion, in coordination or paralysis or some other disturbance of nervous system.

      They are of two types :

      (a) Non-narcotic analgesics

            Example : Aspirin

      (b) Narcotic analgesics

            Example : Morphine

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