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Looking at the deteriorating air quality because of air pollution

in many cities of the country, the citizens are very much worried

and concerned about their health. The doctors have declared

health emergency in the cities where the air quality is very severely poor.

(a) Mention any two major causes of air pollution.

(b) Write any two harmful effects of air pollution to plants and humans.

(c) As a captain of your school Eco-club, suggest any two programmes

you would plan to organise in the school so as to bring awareness

among the students on how to check air pollution in and around

the school.                                                                   (4 marks)


(a) Vehicular discharge / smoke from industries / burning of

agricultural wastes / smoke from incinerator / dust / smoke from

thermal plants or any other correct cause

(Any two) = ½ + ½

(b) Reduces growth of plants / reduces yields of crops /

premature death of plants / respiratory problems / acid rain /

any other relevant point (Any two - one from plant and

one from human) = 1 + 1

(c) Plantation drive / awareness programmes through posters /

nukkad natak / film show / rallies / debates or any other (Any two) = 1 + 1

                                                                                  (1+1+2 marks)