NEET Botany Biodiversity and Conservation Questions Solved


(a) “India has greater ecosystem diversity than Norway.”  (3 marks)

Do you agree with the statement ? Give reasons in support

of your answer.

(b) Write the difference between genetic biodiversity and

species biodiversity that exists at all the levels of biological organisation.

(a) Yes = ½

     India / tropical region                                  Norway / temperate region

- are less seasonal                                         - more seasonal /

/ more constant / more predictable                    / less constant / less predictable

- promote niche specialisation                         - do not promote niche specialisation

leading to greater bio-diversity                          leading to low bio-diversity

- Species diversity increases as we                 - Species diversity decreases as we

move towards equator                                       move away from equator

- More number of species exist                        - Less number of species exist

(Any one) = ½

(b) Genetic diversity - Diversity / variation within a species

over its distributional range / same explained with the help of

a correct example = 1

Species diversity - Diversity / variation at a species level / same

explained with the help of a correct example = 1                           (1+2 marks)

Difficulty Level:

  • 72%
  • 11%
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