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(a)Write the percentage of land area that was covered by forests by the end of the last century.

(b)Describe any two practices that led to deforestation.

(c)State the consequences of deforestation.

(d)Suggest a method to overcome deforestation.                                            5mark


(a)    19.4%  = ½

(b)-Trees are axed for timber / firewood / land for industrial requirement

-Slash and burn agriculture

habitat loss and fragmentation- clearing of forest land into grass land for raising cattle(Any two) = 1+1

(b)-Deterioration of our environment in terms of air - water and soil quality.

-causes loss of bio diversity

disturbance in hydrological cycle / biogeochemical cycle(Any two) = 1 + 1

(c)Reforestation or any other appropriate alternative =  ½                                             5mark