NEET Zoology Reproductive Health Questions Solved


(a)Explain the steps involved in in vitro fertilisation popularly known as test tube baby programme.

(b)State the importance of this programme.                                                         5mark

(a) i) Ova from wife / donor and sperms from husband / donor are collected ii)      They are induced to form zygote under simulated conditions ( in the labortory ) iii) The zygote or early embryos upto 8 blastomeres could then be transferred to fallopian tube /ZIFT

iv) Embryos more than 8 blastomeres, into the uterus / IUT/ Intra uterin transfer = 1× 4

(b) Allows couples to bear children who were unable to do so naturally = 1                   5mark

Difficulty Level:

  • 82%
  • 7%