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With the revolution in information technology, now it has become an integral part of everybody’s life, living in rural and urban India. You are asked to address the gathering of students of eco-clubs of your neighbourhood schools on generation and management of e-waste.

(a)Write how e-waste is generated.

(b)Explain how would you address the awareness issue of e-waste management amongst the students.

(c)How have the developed countries exploited the developing countries with respect to e-waste managements ?                                                                                           4mark


(a)irreparable computers / any other electronic good = 1

(b)Recycling is the only possible solution of e-waste management keeping in mind the safety measures to be adopted by the worker involved in the cycling of e- wastes , so as to avoid their exposure to the toxic substance present in the e- wastes = 1 + 1

(c)By exporting their e-waste to the developing countries / China / India / Pakistan  = 1