NEET Chemistry The p-Block Elements (XII) Questions Solved


(a) Account for the following :                                                 (5 marks)

     (i) Acidic character increases from HF to HI.

     (ii) There is large difference between the melting and boiling points of oxygen and sulphur.

     (iii) Nitrogen does not form pentahalide.

(b) Draw the structures of the following :

      (i) ClF3

      (ii) XeF4


     (i) Due to decrease in bond dissociation enthalpy from HF to HI, there is an increase in acidic

          character observed.             (1 marks)

     (ii) Oxygen exists as diatomic O2 molecule while sulphur as polyatomic S8            (1 marks)

     (iii) Due to non availability of d orbitals                            (1 marks)




                                (i) ClF3                                                       (ii) XeF4

                                (1 marks)                                                   (1 marks)

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