(i) Considering the parameters such as bond dissociation     (5 marks)

enthalpy, electron gain enthalpy and hydration enthalpy,

compare the oxidizing power of F2 and Cl2.

(ii) Complete the following reactions :

(a) Cu + HNO3(dilute)

(b) Fe3+ + SO2 + H2O

(c) XeF4 + O2F2

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#7 | 17th Group

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group 17 ,preparation and properties

(i) a. Fluorine has less negative electron gain enthalpy than chlorine,  (1/2x4)

b. Fluorine has low enthalpy of dissociation than chlorine

c. Fluorine has very high enthalpy of hydration than chlorine.

d. Fluorine is stronger oxidizing agent than chlorine.

(ii) a) 3Cu+8HNO3(dilute)3Cu(NO3)2+2NO+4H2O       (1 mark)

b) 2Fe3++SO2+2H2O2Fe2++SO42-+4H+                  (1 mark)

c) XeF4+O2F2XeF6+O2                                             (1 mark)

                               (balancing equation may be ignored)

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  • 71%
  • 18%