NEET Chemistry The p-Block Elements (XII) Questions Solved


(i) Considering the parameters such as bond dissociation     (5 marks)

enthalpy, electron gain enthalpy and hydration enthalpy,

compare the oxidizing power of F2 and Cl2.

(ii) Complete the following reactions :

(a) Cu + HNO3(dilute)

(b) Fe3+ + SO2 + H2O

(c) XeF4 + O2F2

(i) a. Fluorine has less negative electron gain enthalpy than chlorine,  (1/2x4)

b. Fluorine has low enthalpy of dissociation than chlorine

c. Fluorine has very high enthalpy of hydration than chlorine.

d. Fluorine is stronger oxidizing agent than chlorine.

(ii) a) 3Cu+8HNO3(dilute)3Cu(NO3)2+2NO+4H2O       (1 mark)

b) 2Fe3++SO2+2H2O2Fe2++SO42-+4H+                  (1 mark)

c) XeF4+O2F2XeF6+O2                                             (1 mark)

                               (balancing equation may be ignored)

Difficulty Level:

  • 67%
  • 17%