NEET Chemistry The p-Block Elements (XII) Questions Solved


(i) What happens when                               (5 marks)

(a) chlorine gas reacts with cold and dilute

solution of NaOH ?

(b) XeF2 undergoes hydrolysis ?

(ii) Assign suitable reasons for the following :

(a) SF6 is inert towards hydrolysis.

(b) H3PO3 is diprotic.

(c) Out of noble gases only Xenon is known to form

established chemical compounds.

(i) (a) 2NaOH+Cl2NaCl+H2O                           (1 mark)

(cold and dilute)

(b) 2XeF2(s)+2H2O(l)2Xe(g)+4HF(aq)+O2(g)    (1 mark)

(ii) (a) Sulphur is sterically protected by six F atoms,    (1 mark)

hence does not allow the water molecules to attack.

(b) It contains only two ionisable H-atoms which are     (1 mark)

present as –OH groups, thus behaves as dibasic acid.

(c) Xe has least ionization energy among the noble gases (1 mark)

and hence it forms chemical compounds particularly with O2 and F2.

Difficulty Level:

  • 70%
  • 18%
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