NEET Chemistry Chemistry in Everyday Life Questions Solved


(a)Why is bithional added to soap ?

(b)What is tincture of iodine ? Write its one use.

(c)Among the following, which one acts as a food preservative ? Aspartame,  Aspirin,  Sodium Benzoate,  Paracetamol                                                                                    3mark

Concept Videos :-

#11 | Synthetic Detergents

Concept Questions :-

Cleansing agents - soaps and detergents, cleansing action/Dyes/Propellant

(a)To impart antiseptic properties                                                                   1mark

(b)2-3% solution of iodine in alcohol – water mixture / iodine dissolved in alcohol , used as an antiseptic/ applied on wounds.                                                                    (1/2,1/2)mark

(c)Sodium benzoate / Aspartame                                                                   1mark

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  • 50%
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