(a) Explain briefly the principle on which a transistor-amplifier works as an oscillator, Draw the necessary circuit diagram and explain its working.

(b) Identify the equivalent gate for the following circuit and write its truth table.

a) Principle : A portion of the output power is returned back (feedback) to the input in phase with the starting power (This process is termed as positive feedback)                             (1/2) marks

                                              (1 12)


As the switch S1 is put on, a surge of collector current flows in the transistor. This current flows through the coil T2. The inductive coupling between coil T2 and coil T1 now causes a current to flow in the emitter circuit . As a result of this positive feedback, the emitter current also increases . When the current in T2 becomes saturated , it stops increasing. Now emitter current begins to fall and becomes minimum. The whole process keeps on repeating itself.                           (1) marks

b) AND Gate

                                             (1) marks

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