NEET Physics Semiconductor Electronics Questions Solved


Draw a circuit diagram of a transistor amplifier in CE configuration.

Define the terms: (i) Input resistance and (ii) Current amplification

factor. How are these determined using typical input and output

characteristics?                                                               (3 marks)

                   (1 1/2 marks)

Input resistance

RiB=VBEIBVCE                                                                              (1/2 mark)

Current amplification factor

βac=VCIBVCE                                                    (1/2 mark)

The value of input resistance is determined from the

slope of IB verses VBE plot at constant VCE .

The value of current amplification factor is obtained from the slope

of collector IC verses VCE plot using different values of IB .       (1/2 mark)

(If a student uses typical charateristics to determine these

values, full credit of one mark should be given)              

Difficulty Level:

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