NEET Physics Nuclei Questions Solved


Derive the expression for the magnetic field at the site of a point nucleus in a Hydrogen atom due to the circular motion of the electron. Assume that the atom is in its ground state and give the answer in terms of fundamental constants.                                   (3) marks

 mv2/r=e2/4πε° r2v2=e2/m 4π ε° r                                                                   12Bohr's equantisation conditionMvr=nh/2π                                                                                 12Solving, v=e2/2 ε° h, r= ε°h2/π me2                                12Magnetic field at the centre                                                        12B=μ°I/2r                                                                                         12I=ev/2πr                                                                                           12B=μ° e7 πm2/ 8 ε°3h5

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