(i) Write the three functions of three segments of a transistor.                         (3 marks)

(ii) Draw the circuit diagram for studying the input and output 

characteristics of n-p-n transistor in common emitter configuration.

Using the circuit, explain how input, output characteristics are obtained.

(i) Emitter: Supplies the large number of majority charge carries for the 

flow of current through the transistor.                                                 (1/2 mark)

Base: Controls the movement of charge carriers coming from emitter

region.                                                                                             (1/2 mark)

Collector: Collects a major portion of the majority carriers supplied

by the emitter.                                                                                  (1/2 mark)

Emitter: Heavily doped and of moderate size.

Base: Central region, thin and lightly doped.

Collector: Moderately doped and large sized.

(ii)                    (1 mark)

Input characteristics are obtained by recording the values of base current IB,

for different values of VBE at constant VCE

Output characteristics are obtained by recording the values of IC for different

values of VCE at constant IB                                                     (1/2 mark)


Also accept input/output characteristics curves for this part of the 


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